Ook in Het paars

These can be found online at Ook in Het Paars in The Netherlands.

Ookinhetpaars was founded in 2009 by Claudia van den Berg.

"I love the texture of fabrics and wool. That's why I started making interior products. The love of crafts goes back to my childhood. My mother has a haberdashery shop and I learned from her knitting, embroidery and making clothes themselves. The love for handmade is also reflected in my house where I have held my own chairs and my homemade pillows on the couch. Unique, craft items give much more look to an interior.

Besides the homemade collection, Ookinhetpaars is always looking for products that complement the range in appearance, identity and uniqueness. This is characterized in home accessories that are often made from recycled materials.When you find Ookinhetpaars woolen plaids, beautiful tea towels, vase covers, tableware, colorful postcards, recycled notebooks, gift tags and more. All for a colorful interior. Make your home beautiful with Ookinhetpaars. "

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